Spa Services available at the Black Mountain Inn...

A serene and tranquil enviroment created to further enhance our guests experience....

Massage Modalities:

60 minute treatment offered at $85
90 minute treatment offered at $150

Swedish massage is a gentle relaxing massage with light to medium pressure. This treatment is excellent for stress relief.

Neuromuscular Massage is a deep muscle massage with medium to firm pressure. This Technique releases tight muscles allowing the restoration of energy flow.

Aromatherapy- Allow yourself to unwind to an array of aromas blended with essential oils and lotions. Relaxes the senses, eases the mind, and nourishes the skin.

Reiki- This modality is performed by a reiki master and involves no pressure or manipulation and can be a fully clothed treatment. A transference of healing energy occurs between therapist and client, leaving the client rejuvenated and restored.

Hot Stone Massage: 90-minute treatment offered at $150

Heated stones are placed along the energy meridians. And are employed in the massage. Deep penetrating heat combined with massage is excellent for rejuvenating tired and neglected muscles.

Foot Reflexology:
60minute teratment offered at $85
90 minute treatment offered at $150

This is an energy treatment…Soothing and deeply relaxing this therapy balances the body via the nervous system, and greatly improves circulation.

Couples Massage:

60 minute treatment offerd side by side $160
90 minute treatment offered at $250

Infared Sauna with Chromotherapy… 30 minute Sauna Session….$30.00

The radiant heat process warms the body direcdtly, not the air and operates in a safer more comfortable temperatures of between 110 degrees and 135 degrees.

Benefits of infared sauna include; deep cleanses the skin, relaxes muscles and increases flexibility, burns calories and controls weight (burns up to 900 calories per session), clears cellulite.

Sauna sessions be a stand alone therapy or coupled with massage.